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Wide choice of materials
Wide choice of materials

Choose from a wide range of sheet material that is always in stock or request special materials.

Sheet laser cutting
Sheet laser cutting

Get highly accurate cutting work according to your own specifications, with many possibilities and even the most complex contours.


Simply pass on your specifications for your bending projects on-line and you will receive an optimally bent and sturdy end product.

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web-based, no installation required!


supported CAD formats




laser machines


happy customers




The Onlinelaserworks portal is very user-friendly. Need help with the use of the system? Download the manual, consult our technical information, discover our new functionalities or read our frequently asked questions. Can’t find what you are looking for? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you in person!

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Questions about possibilities and materials

Which materials are always in stock?

What about thick sheets, large dimensions, complex contours?

What are the possibilities for bending a piece of metal?

Questions about registration and ordering

Can I order as a private individual?

I have just registered, when will I receive my login credentials?

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Which discounts apply to the quotation?

Questions related to the submission of drawings

How do I provide correct drawings?

What kind of drawings can be used for requests for quotations?

Why can’t I upload any assemblies?

I have received an e-mail saying the drawings are not closed. What does this mean?

Can I have a reference engraved on the material?

Questions about shipping

How much are the transport costs?

Can I also collect my order?

How is the delivery date confirmed?

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