Stainless steel

We offer a wide range of stainless steel sheets, bars, tubes and accessories in standard and special grades and dimensions. The quick availability of all materials is guaranteed by private storage and close cooperation with international suppliers. Of course, various processing services can be carried out for you to have a ready-to-use product.

Stainless steel tubes

  • Round tubes: welded : en/ astm/dairy/ construction
  • seamless : en/astm/hollow bars
  • Square tubes: welded
  • Rectangular tubes: welded

Stainless steel sheets

  • Flat sheets: cold rolled, hot rolled, slitted, brushed…
  • Pattern sheets: tear, decoration, 5WL, 6WL,…

Stainless steel bars

  • Flat bars: slitted, hot rolled, drawn
  • Square bars: hot rolled, drawn
  • Round bars: hot rolled, drawn
  • Hexagonal bars: hot rolled, drawn
  • Long flat bars: hot rolled, drawn
  • Angle bars: hot rolled, drawn

Stainless steel welding fittings

  • Elbows: welded, seamless
  • Tees: welded, seamless
  • Reducers: welded, seamless
  • Stub ends: welded, seamless
  • Caps
  • Collars

Stainless steel threaded fittings

  • BSP150 LBS
  • NPT 3000 LBS

Stainless steel flanges

  • Flat flange
  • Loose plate flange
  • Welding neck flange
  • Threaded flange
  • Blind flange